Miles Sinagra Bravely Announces That He Is The Imperial Tribunal

The House of Churchill announced an emergency press conference in the Lobby today at Noon. President Miles Sinagra, a loved, respected leader on our college campus, stood on a table so people could see him, before announcing to the room:


Miles Sinagra: “Ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming, I’ve called this press conference for two reasons. Firstly, to assure the students of King’s that everything that can be done over Glader’s tweets is being done. Secondly, because The Imperial Tribunal has offered to turn themselves in.” 

“But let’s consider the situation. Should we give in to this terrorist’s demands? Do we really think he’s gonna…?”

Student, interrupting: “You’d rather protect outlaw vigilantes than the emotions of students?”

Miles Sinagra: “The Tribunal are outlaws. That’s not why we demand they turn themselves in, we’re doing it because we’re scared. We’ve been happy to let them clean up our streets till now.”

Student, shouting: “Things are worse than ever!”

Crowd: “Amen! Amen!”

Miles Sinagra: Yes, they are. But the night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming. One day, the Tribunal will have to answer for the laws they’ve broken. But to us, the students. Not to this madman.”

Student:No more crying journalists!

Crowd: “Yeah!”

Student, shouting: “They should turn themselves in!”

Crowd: “Give us the Tribunal! Come on!”

Crowd: “Where is he?”

Miles Sinagra: “So be it. Take the Tribunal into custody.”

Crowd: “What? Are they here?”

Miles Sinagra: “I am The Imperial Tribunal”

Indiscernible shouting

A swarm of JCS students dragged Miles Sinagra away to an unknown location.

We will update this article with any new information that surfaces with Mr. Sinagra’s whereabouts.