King’s Announces All Student Housing Will Be Moved Into The Metaverse, Student Rent Set to Increase

In the fourth cost cutting measure this week, The King’s College housing department of one person announced that the school will officially move all of its housing into Facebook’s developing Metaverse. Unfortunately for students, however, rent will continue to increase, and students will have to deal with an unlimited number of roommates, up from three.

Leticia Mosqueda, head of herself as the housing department, announced the change in an email to students. It also included a link to ensure that each student has an up-to-date Facebook account to ensure that everyone could enter their new virtual apartment.

ls The King’s College sells out to a second corporate overlord in as many months.

The new apartments will still be limited to 700-sq-feet unless students opt into the “Primacorp Lover Deluxe Plan” that includes an exclusive virtual room (limited to 200 sq feet) and a unique TKC tee-shirt in the form of an NFT. Students are unable to move any furniture or hang anything besides a virtual thumbtack on the walls, however.

An example of students meeting in “real” community.

As for the location of the virtual apartments, TKC has assured students that it will be located close to multiple virtual grocery stores and shops. Digital crime in the area remains a problem, however, and the virtual commute may top out at over 30 minutes on busy days.

Overall, students are excited about the measure as most agree that identity theft is better than getting shot at Target.