TKC Admissions Dept. Creates Tinder Profile to Recruit Prospective Students

The King’s College Admissions Department announced that it will be creating a Tinder profile for the school, an unorthodox move even for a school so desperate to recruit new students. While this move is considered risky by industry experts, the gamble has proved wildly successful in its opening hours, attracting over 70 women over 50 interested in the school.

The Tinder profile features the tagline, “Good, brave, and ready (for anything 😉 )” and combines semi-flirtatious overtures with business professional presentation. “Like all of our marketing materials, we have included our best looking students and professors in order to show how beautiful our campus really is,” said Eric Corpus from Tahiti where he has been working remotely since last March.

The Tinder profile features nine photos of King’s facilities from various angles, all while trying to hide how small the campus actually is. This is the first the Marketing Department has been heard from in months and is considered the largest advertisement campaign in the college’s history.

The president of the college, General Tim Gibson, was originally opposed to the creation of the profile, according to people familiar with the matter. After spending an extensive amount of time on the platform, he changed his mind and authorized the Admissions Department to create a profile for the school. Previous Presidents, including Gregory Thornbury and Dinesh D’Sousa were known to have profiles and use Tinder frequently.

Prospective high-school students who thought they matched with a young, attractive, smart college student were surprised to find a King’s admissions representative instead. “Many of the students who matched with school on Tinder are considered to be good fits for the school as they will clearly get creative in their pursuit of sex once on-campus,” a good indicator of success according to Admissions officials.

The College will continue to swipe until they meet their freshman body-count for the 2021-2022 academic year.