Interregnum Committee Announces New “Ironman” 72-hour Film Competition, Includes Swim

The Interregnum Committee released the guidelines for its new “Ironman” film competition, which was received by the student body with notable controversy. Students unanimously detested the last two iterations of overnight film competitions so the Committee decided to double down on that bet.

The competition now includes penalities for falling asleep during the 72-hour competition. Houses must nominate three house members to complete the 2.4-mile swim to Liberty Island and back. The film must be completed without any communication between house members, use of still photos, moving video, lighting of any kind, and no audible dialogue.

Catherine Blanco is the head of the Interregnum Committee’s subcommittee on “Moral Betterment Through Film.” She defended the move: “Honestly, stop crying. Great art is not thought about or considered by the artist for more than a very short amount of time. Do you think Michelangelo took his time with David?

The House of SBA was declared the presumptive winner by the Interregnum Committee’s subcommittee on “Fairness.” Mckenna Morgan, the President of the House of SBA, was optimistic about her house’s chances: “Our girls are used to giving up sleep and long-term happiness for short-term fleeting victories. We have dozens and dozens of girls we can through at this event like fodder before the cannons. I’m not worried.”

The House of SBA preparing for the swimming portion of the event on Sunday.