Opinion: Dear Dr. Campbell, Thank You

A tweet Dr. Campbell wrote in support of “cancel culture”

We too, if we are being honest, kind of like “cancel culture.” We remember when authority figures in our time would get away with unspeakable injustices, yet no one (besides us) would speak against them. Thankfully, today’s authority figures must fear the all-seeing eye of the public. Today’s society will speak out against what it sees as evil, and denounce, persecute, and condemn those cultural heresies.

This “cancel culture” you speak of, however, is not new. For thousands of years, the people have had an impeccable ability to see error in others and “cancel” it. Anyone who goes against the ethos of their time deserves to be silenced, put down, canceled—regardless of their position or rank in society. Clearly, if large swaths of people disagree with what you say, it is good evidence that you are wrong. If history has taught us anything, it is that the mob is always right.

Signed, with respect,