Onlookers Confused As Crowd Chants “Yo Quiero Blanco” (“I Want White”) In Support of Catherine Blanco

Many unsuspecting bystanders expressed confusion and surprise at hearing a crowd of Catherine Blanco’s supporters shouting “Yo Quiero Blanco” over and over again. The slogan is intended to be a show of support using Catherine Blanco’s last name. The word is generally translated as “White” when rendered in English. For those who are not familiar with the slogan, it’s meaning can be a bit confusing, according to some who heard it for the first time.

Damien Rojas was walking by the library Tuesday morning when he heard a crowd shouting “Yo Quiero Blanco” over and over again. “I was really confused,” Mr. Rojas said, “When I heard people shouting that, I thought there was a crowd shouting support for ‘white.’ I didn’t hang around to figure out what they meant.”

A crowd shouting “Yo Quiero Blanco”

Others joined into the chant without fully understanding the slogan’s meaning either. Carlyle Jenkins, a sophomore Finance major from the Florida Panhandle, said that he didn’t need to ask any questions before joining in. “The second I heard that chant, even with my broken understanding of Spanish, I hopped right in. It took me over a half hour to realize that I was supporting a specific candidate and then I dipped.”

Catherine Blanco’s campaign sought to clarify the meaning of the slogan in a statement: “‘Yo Quiero Blanco’ is a statement that pertains solely to Catherine’s last name and does not have anything to do with any form of ‘whiteness,’ of course.”