Student Development Mistakenly Sends Out SBP Election Results Instead of Ballots

As the candidates gave their final speeches, the Student Development team prepared to send out a Google form ballot to the student body, according to people familiar with the matter. In an apparent error, the team sent out an email announcing the victory of Catherine Blanco by a slim margin. Student Development quickly followed up with the correct email and has since attempted to pretend as if the first was never sent, despite it going to the entire student body.

Dean Leedy’s email to the student body Monday afternoon

This controversy comes after the department selected Colin Phillips over Madelynn Kaufman last year after a tie in the voting. The email came from the account of Dean Leedy, though many believe this to have been only a matter of protocol, as he has not been seen in months.

All three candidates have come out against the process in only a matter of minutes. The King’s College Student Council called an emergency meeting, the first meeting of any kind held since September, to yell into the wind and send their thoughts to the Student Development team.

Colin Phillips, current Student Body President, had this to say about the day’s proceedings: “I am very disappointed in today’s events. If you are going to fake an election, you at least need to keep it mostly behind the scenes like last year. I am officially taking emergency powers to maintain the peace for at least another year or until we can pass an amendment for lifelong terms for SBP, whichever comes first.”

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.