Student Development To Install “HonorCams” In On-Campus Living Rooms After Reportedly Raucous Valentine’s Day

The King’s College’s Department of Student Development announced Monday that it would install “HonorCams” or honor cameras in the living room of all on-campus apartments. The cameras will send live feeds of each apartment’s living room to the Student Development team and house chamberlain. This change comes after Student Development received reports of “sinful” behavior on Valentine’s Day, despite the student’s commitment to the Honor Code and the TKC COVID guidelines, people familiar with the matter said.

A picture of a security camera
An example of the type of camera to be installed in student apartments.

Dean Leedy responded to a request for comment with the following statement via email: “we care deeply about the honor of our students and the safety of our jobs. If reports of immoral behavior happening on college couches reached Facebook, student’s futures could be deeply affected and we might lose our jobs. Besides, it’s the right thing to do, you don’t want me fired do you?”

Leticia Mosqueda responded on behalf of TKC Housing: “We decided to do it for two reasons: Dean Leedy is really sensitive about his job all of a sudden and we’re always looking for new ways to lovingly control our students and their behavior. This was a great way to do that.”

So far, a pilot program at Devos Hall has gone well according to sources within the department, multiple couples were caught in the act Sunday evening.

Students may notice work crews entering apartments throughout the next two weeks, a spokesperson for Student Development said, but they should not be alarmed, “These crews are only installing cameras in living rooms and some high-risk bedrooms, cameras will not be installed in bathrooms until the start of next semester.”

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