Student Orgs Announce Bipartisan Party To Celebrate Biden’s Inevitable Victory

A number of student organizations on campus took the unprecedented step of planning a “compassionate, bipartisan celebration of Biden’s inevitable victory” to take place in the City Room Tuesday evening. The move was met with widespread acclaim on campus as students praised the open-mindedness of the student planners.

Umbra Thunbun, a senior MCA major from the House of SBA, said she could not be happier with the announcement and said she planned on attending the party: “I am so pleased to hear that the student body is coming together once and for all during this vicious campaign cycle. We need more love and understanding rather than division. If the party’s still going on after the love riot I’m going to, I’ll definitely stop by.”

Umbra’s pre-party activity.

After some debate among planners, it was decided that the election coverage would have to be as unbiased as possible, so they settled on a combination of CNN and MSNBC to air during the event. The student leaders even made a gracious offer to the TKC Republicans to come wash the partygoer’s feet in repentance, an offer they graciously accepted.