Statesmanship Institute Drops SERVE Model For New MARTYR Framework

The Student Development team announced Friday that it was dropping the SERVE Model in favor of the MARTYR Framework in all of its training of student leaders. Jonathan Sheaffer, leader of the Statesmanship Institute, delivered the announcement via an extended lunch meeting: “After a lot of feedback about how much student leaders sacrifice for their houses, and I mean a lot, bodies, minds, souls, happiness, health, careers, and relationships. We decided that instead of changing the job itself we would change the leadership model to give you a better understanding of how much of yourself you have to lay down at the altar of King’s. Let me give you a hint: all of you.”

Sheaffer went on to outline the new MARTYR Framework which is broken down below:

  • Mandatory – “Once you are in, you are in. Wedding, funeral, weekends off? Forget about it.”
  • Alone – “Part of this job and any leadership role is being critically lonely at all times. This is no different.”
  • Rigidly Flexible – “We expect you to stand up for yourself and what you think is right (the rigid part), as long as it does not conflict with what we tell you is right (the flexible part).”
  • Therapeutic – “You are an amateur therapist now. We don’t prioritize real professional help so you, volunteer underclassmen, are the best tools we have to combat the mental health epidemic at our school.”
  • Yes – “‘No’ is no longer in your vocabulary. Saying YES is the best way to grow as a leader, especially in response to anything we ask you to do. Say it with me, ‘YES, YES, and YES!'”
  • RAW – “You should experience overwhelmingly powerful emotion and vulnerability at all times. We promise not to use it against you. We are for you, and you are here for us, with an emphasis on the second part.”

Student Development and the Office of Christian Formation decided to address anticipated backlash from student leaders at the Statesmanship Lunch over a town hall ‘meal’ of saltines and water. 

Dean Leedy summarized the significance of the MARTYR model this way, “By overloading while simultaneously under-equipping you as student leaders, we hope to familiarize you with feelings of stress and failure. Our process is derived from a historical record of success and backed with Bible verses we looked really hard for.”