Dr. Innes Announces New Book, “Left Of Christ Is Hell: An Unbiased Look At Why Liberals Are Way More Likely To Burn”

The King’s College announced that Dr. David C. Innes, Professor of Politics, will release his new book, “Left Of Christ Is Hell: An Unbiased Look At Why Liberals Are Way More Likely To Burn” on Thanksgiving Day this year.

When reached for comment about his book, Dr. Innes replied, “I am so proud of the work my team of faculty assistants and I have done with this book. Normally I write it and let them edit it, but I flipped that entirely on its head this time around. I just let them write it based on some ideas I had. I am really excited to read it!”

Dr. Innes detailing his new book.

The Tribunal reached out to some underclassmen who expressed no desire to attend the event because they know they will be reading the book next semester in Foundations of Politics. This prediction was confirmed by Dr. Innes, “there are too many copies of ‘The Voting Christian’ floating around in house libraries and online. It is a smart move to to write a new book every couple of years so it resets that cache [of books around the school.]”

While no major publications have yet to review the book, Dinesh D’souza, ex-president of The King’s College, was in attendance to give a glowing review: “As someone who writes great books about the Libs, speaking of which, have you read my books? I have a table set up outside if anyone wants to buy a copy. Anyway, why was I here? Oh yeah, Dave, right, right, great book. When I was in prison for breaking federal law, all I could think about is how mad I was at the liberal media for the way they described exactly what I did wrong. Now I am here and there is a new book of mine coming out the day before Dave’s so be sure to get it!”