Student Starts “Hurdle Club” To Prepare For Proposed $1 Subway Fare Increase

The King’s Council officially approved the “King’s Hurdlers Club” on Monday. The group gave a lengthy presentation on how it hopes to help uneducated students avoid the “draconian” MTA fare increase. The group’s founder, Jesh Tombo, a junior MCA major, introduced the group by describing the group’s mission, “The MTA is trying to provide you an important service, but they expect to pay for it. We want to help the King’s student body forget about the second part. We will help students stand up for their rights by teaching them how to hurdle the MTA turnstiles (all types), watch out for cameras, and avoid the police once the student’s right to steal has been exercised.”

King’s Students standing on the subway platform.

While the Council gave mostly positive feedback, some of the physically smaller presidents on the Council raised some concerns on behalf of their fellow small people. President Mckenna Morgan of the House of SBA led the questioning. “How do you hope to help smaller people in the student body avoid the fare?” she asked as mysterious birds started singing in the background. Jesh was quick with a response that satisfied the body, “small students are the best suited to avoid the fare. The only thing easier than hurdling is slipping under the turnstile entirely.”

Jesh’s Mom’s car when he was growing up.

Jesh gave a powerful closing argument for the group’s proposal, “we are sick and tired of having to pay for things, especially when they give us a valuable service. When I was a kid, my mom worked really hard to buy a car, pay for the car, purchase insurance for the car, and fill the car with gas to give me rides wherever I wanted to go. Guess what? I didn’t have to pay a dime for that. Mom treated me then like the government should treat me now.”

The council approved the organization unanimously.