Dr. Kinlaw’s Day Away “Wandering” Indistinguishable From Normal Lecture

While King’s Day Away was regarded as a general success by the student body, some were confused about the way in which “Wandering with Dr. Kinlaw” was advertised. Joey Dickensome, a sophomore in the House of Reagan, had this to say about his experience, “Dr. Kinlaw is the man, of course, I mean I was expecting some wandering, but I was hoping for some new kind of wandering, like less of the wandering he does when he normally talks, you know?”

Dr. Kinlaw is well-known among students for his remarkable ability to cover seemingly impossible logical gaps as a part of his description of things. Hans Scriber, Dr. Kinlaw’s longtime faculty assistant had this to say about Kinlaw’s teaching style: “Dr. Kinlaw [45-second pause accompanied by a slow, self-reassuring nod] is a great teacher with a great style.”

Dr. Kinlaw planning his aimless wandering.

Sally Winter, a junior in the House of Barton, had a slightly different complaint about her experience, “I had heard rumors about his Juuling habit. It’s really hot, tbh, but I had no idea what I was in for. We would be walking around and I would be suddenly engulfed in a cloud of raspberry-flavored smoke. I remember him trying to tell us something about Latin or something and the sky went dark midsentence.” 

Dr. Kinlaw midsentence.

Abby Electric, founder of the Kinjocks, the official Kinlaw fan club, seemed jealous of Sally’s experience and had this to say about his teaching style, “who takes a class for what the professor has to say? We’re all in there for the holy grail of Kinlaw fandom: the in-class Juul. Only a few have been recorded; all from a bygone era, but we remain hopeful. If these juuls took place while ‘wandering’ then we may be one step closer to a revitalization of the golden era of Kinlaw juuling.”