Chamberlains of ten Boom and Bonhoeffer Wed In Political Alliance

After years of political unrest and the occasional hallway skirmish, the Houses of Bonhoeffer and ten Boom have formed a political alliance by uniting their chamberlains in holy matrimony. The wedding, held at Trinity Church with both Houses, drew joyous crowds from the surrounding streets. Presidents Holliday and Tuomi, in a joint speech given at the doors of that grand church, told the gathering crowds that “this marriage of our two mighty houses has ended years of strife and turmoil. What once was is not now, and what will be is now not yesterday! We finally stand a chance at winning something, anything!” 

The chamberlains are reported to be a happy, if forced, couple. It is expected their heirs will form a strong alliance between these houses for decades to come. President Holliday had this to say of this union: “As a result of the marriage, the two houses have established multiple Interregnum treaties, shared tests from previous years, and dating etiquette that are expected to make the unit a campus superpower the likes of which has not been seen since the fall of stone age Barton in 2014.”

Recent photo of Churchill President, Miles Sinagra’s, speech before the King’s Council.

Yet some say dark clouds loom on the horizon. This stunning move has shaken the political order of King’s to its core. While the Houses of Barton, Reagan, QE1, and Lewis have formally recognized this new entity, the more influential Houses believe it’s an attempted coup on the existing balance of power. In a statement before the King’s Council Churchill President, Miles Sinagra, said “it’s like they’re blatantly disrespecting my power and au-thor-i-ty. We carved this regime with our blood and marrow. We will resist this union.” The President of SBA also expressed deep dissatisfaction and caution at this move, believing it to be a “foreboding sign” of their inevitable fall from power. 

The House of Truth still considers Bonhoffer to be their brother house and refused to attend.